“MEXICANADAS” or Mexican Ingenuity. A solution to complex social and business issues.

“Mexicanadas”, is the crooked version of Mexican technologies, based on creatively solving issues with the smallest amount of resources and effort.

StoriesOnIf you are in the startup scene it sounds similar to “bootstrapping”, using little resources to start or grow a company, but“Mexicanadas” goes further than that, its a unique creative process focused on reaching a goal as fast and cheap as you can. One can see it first hand through its automobile mechanics, construction workers and other blue collar jobs.

Its a trait that has been perceived negatively and criticized by Mexican culture, sometimes even with the term “el burro trabaja doble” or the donkey works twice.

In todays day and age where Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas and Market Validation are the buzz words in business, it seems sort of irrelevant to undermine “Mexicanadas” instead of embracing them as one of the most valuable Mexican traits of creativity and innovation.

I have an assumption that Mexicans, with this ingenuity integrated to their DNA, will be capable of developing solutions to issues that create opportunities. A couple of examples I have seen on the Tijuana border are:

  • 2Jordi Muñoz, started hacking his remote control toy helicopter and now is the Founder of 3D Robotics, one of the most valuable and important hobbyist drone companies in the world.


  • Bordofarms, started one month ago creating urban farms in the corner of the Tijuana river bed, the project didn’t ask for a government permit nor it had funding, but the program today offers temp jobs, while scaling to bigger facilities and staff to support the more than 60 thousand deportees a year that arrive in the city.3


I believe that if we are able to apply Mexican ingenuity to business and social issues, we will be able to offer a Unique Value Proposition as a country able to approach complex problems in creative ways through low amounts of efforts and resources. Eventually making even more opportunities and becoming competitive on an international scale.

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