Get On Board: a story about leaps of faith, alignment and dragons

This week our guest is:

Marcela Fernández: Co-founder of At the young age of 24, has visited 45 countries, lived in 7 of them, and learned 6 languages (French, Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and German); Marcela is also a Flow Consultant; With “EduAction“, she’s working on a documentary as a side-project about alternative education projects as a way to spend your gap year or replace it for a formal university path.

Camilo Russi: Co-founder of As a social innovator, Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at the Impact Hub; also created the Happies Methodology, which helps business owners boost productivity and happiness at the workplace and at a personal level.


On Board´s story, the one wanted to be told several years ago. The spark that started On Board´s “once upon a time” happened when the two main characters, Camilo and Marcela, came across each other for “coincidences” ; to coincidental to be defined as so.

Leaps of faith and alignment

She was studying journalism and after trying at 3 different universities in different locations, she realized that the real stories were outside the system. She started walking a non-conventional path towards alternative education what led her to create a documentary about different learning methods, a disaster relief program called PhilippiNOW, to help victims of typhoon Yolanda, and competing in “Your big year” for a trip around the world.

Marcela learned by experience that a like-minded group of people traveling together could make a vast positive difference on the places and the communities they visited. Eager to join a program that enabled her to do this but frustrated when she discovered that it did not exist, Used this frustration as her propeller, deciding to create the ideal program, but the the idea of not do it by her own.

A few years before, Camilo was living a life crisis. He was an environmental engineer by training, biased to be what society calls “successful”. Regardless, Camilo felt profoundly frustrated with his formal education, and worse, ended up in a job he abhorred and experienced constant stress migraines.

As he “touched the bottom”, he decided to take a leap of faith. Just as Marcela did, he began walking a less traveled road, becoming an avid traveler; learned how to control stress, develop business skills in an impactful job (where he briefly met Marcela), and, at the end, became a happiness expert. With this new perspective, he decided to craft a recipe for his own version of success. He decided to combine all his passions in something that could help people to shape themselves and the world for the better and clear of that almost everything that worths could not get it done alone.

Being geographically distant and disconnected for a couple of year, Marcela and Camilo decided to have a virtual call. Both of them were journeyers of love and travelers of the less traveled road, entrepreneurs and passionate about a purpose-driven life, about being able to “flow” as Marcela called it, and developing a happiness discipline, as Camilo says. At that time they both agreed on that coincidences do not exist.


On Board idea became real because Camilo and Marcela decided to be the Hydra. Yes… Hydra, the mythological dragon.

This is what the Hydra dragon represents: There are 3 ways to face adversity: First the Humpty Dumpty, in which you crack with any obstacle. Second, the spring (resilience), in which you can recover from adversity. Third, the Hydra way, represented by the dragon when one of his heads is cut off, two more grows. When you decide to be the Hydra, you embrace obstacles because after facing them, you will end upmstronger than before.

So, as weird as it sounds, On Board became real because it´s co-founders, were aligned Hydras that took leaps of faith.

They decided that their gift for the world would be to create experiences that combine travel, learning, doing good and connecting to create a huge positive shift in yourself and the world. Nowadays, with the help of Alex Kluge, first follower and tech expert, a growing team of On Boarders and an experienced advisory board, they are dedicated to create travel experiences to empower people to be Hydras, take leaps of faith, and shape the world for the better.

***If you think you are an On Boarder, have crazy proposals, questions, feedback, want to be friends or just want to flirt, we encourage them all. Here´s how you can connect with us: Website, Facebook, Twitter, blog and write an email to Camilo or Marcela.




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